Sunday, May 20, 2007

6 am comes really early these days...

It is already almost 8. We are on a train going to some castles that I am not even going to try to spell. Last night I was planning on going to bed early. After we went to dinner at the beer garden (which was awesome because there weren't many tourists) we had a few drinks. I guess I could be more specific...I had 3.5 liters. I feel good this don't worry mom. We had so much fun there. Ppl were laughing and dancing and singing. There were fire breathers and other street performers. Our group has a lot of fun together. We hit up the hotel bar on the way back. Guenther even joined us for a brew and told ne if I moved to munich he would not only teach me german, but also be my friend :)
Ok, the train conversation is getting good!

Signing off...m

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