Thursday, May 17, 2007

beautiful in the early morning light

This morning a group of six of us got up at 6 and went to explore Munich before the bustle of the day began. It is amazing that for an area that was so amazingly busy last night that our group and the cleanup crews were the only ppl on the street. I took like fifty pictures of the amazing buildings that line the square. The details are breathtaking. There was a bit of rain as we walked around, but the vibe of being in Munich was amazing. The city is old feeling but has so many modern emenities.
When we got back we took in the free hotel breakfeast. My personal fave was the fresh fruit. I was not brave enough to try the liverwurst...maybe tomorrow. Ok, probably not. Now it is 8:30. We got a lot done this morning.

Last night was cool too. When we got back from bumming, Jenny and I decided to have one beer in the hotel bar (we're going to a beer garden tonight for the authentic experience). There are several American business ppl staying here as well, so I got to do some networking. It was really cool to talk to ppl with truly int'l careers. So we got some low down on Munich from the bartender and waitress. Locals always give the best info!

Ok, I am going to take a power nap before our presentation. I think then we're taking a guided tour of Munich.

Signing off...m

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