Sunday, May 13, 2007


The blackberry worked! So I'm going to try to blog parts of my trip when I have time via the blog. Please excuse any spelling mistakes and abbreviations, because it will be so much easier for me not to worry about it.

Woohoo!! I leave on Tuesday. I'm ready to go, unless to be ready you need to be packed, which I am not. I think everything I need is in the pile of randomness in my living room, but who knows. I think today I'll pack. Probably a good idea.

Now that graduation is done (yay for me) I am ready to relax on this trip! I'm super stoked to go to Austria (Salzburg actually - where they filmed the sound of music). I'm excited for the whole trip, but that will be neat.

Okay, instead of writing about a trip I'm not on yet, I'll sign off.

Safe travels!


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