Wednesday, May 23, 2007

another action packed adventure

Today after O2 we visited KPMG. The speaker was an Aussie and he told us about ex-pat oppurtunities in the Czech Republic. It was really interesting. Fergus (I had to get that name in somehow) has been here for 5 years.
After that, Nick, Jesse, Peter, Lorian, Beth, Jenny and I went to do some shopping, but got distracted by the large tower near the castle. It was a hell of a hike up (which could of been avoided had we realized there was a tram), but a beautiful view. We were at the top of Prague.
Afterwards, we had dinner at the Italian place by our hotel. Very good.
Tomorrow is the crystal factory and glassworks. It is also thermo king. I am stoked. I love the professional events. Such a great way to network. I have some great business cards now : )
Okay time to sleep!

Signing off...m

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