Thursday, May 17, 2007

gotta luv the beer gardens!

Today we went on a guided walking tour of Munich, after our first presentation. It was so interesting to see the sites through the eyes of a born and bred local. Guenther, our guide, showed us many of the sites of old Munich, along with the beer garden! The waiter asked me what I wanted, so I asked for their standard dark. When he asked me size, I asked what the options were. The options available to me were tourist or Bavarian (the state we are in). Never one to back down from a challenge...I got the Bavarian. That was a liter, which is a lot of beer!!! It was delicious though, and went well with the pretzels they served. Tonight we're going to dinner with the tour guide and then we're hitting another beer garden. While in Munich you should do as they do, right?

Tomorrow we have an early meeting at Intel which should me amazing. Then the rest of the day is free. I am fairly excited to bum around the city (which is very safe mom) and get some more pics. Rest assure, I did get a picture of me with my big mug. Can you say Christmas card??

Okay, it is 5:45 pm and I should get ready for dinner!

Signing off...m

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Megan said...

Sounds like you're having a blast could you not with all that beer! Just make sure to keep the beer goggles put away:)