Friday, May 18, 2007

long long walks and surfing in the park...

After the intel presentation and trip back to the hotel, we hit the tow with Guenther. Only 9 of us went on an add'l guided tour. We hit up the '72 olympic games grounds. We even went up in the tower, about 230 meters above Munich. So cool! I even took a picture hugging a tree for Lexi!
Then we walked through the Olympic village. After a short subway ride and walking through some of the Munich city streets, we hit up the english gardens. They span over 3 km. There were ppl everywhere just chilling, just hanging out, even some nudists (which were old men, so not exactly appealing). When we got over to the bridge there were ppl surfing from the current created under the bridge. It was neat.
Although I wasn't going to mention beer because I think my mom is worrying, but I do have to say that today we had an excellent brew at a beer garden at the olympic village with our schnitzel and potato salad. It was such a beautiful location, in the village on the grounds, up the hill created by the ruins from WWII. We are in a resturant now, having dinner and radler, which is beer and sprite mixed and is really quoite excellent.
Tomorrow is austria. The hills are alive w/the sound of music!
Food is here.

Signing off...m

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