Wednesday, May 16, 2007

we are here!!!

We just landed in Munich!! Right now we're on a coach bus going to the hotel. The trip was good, no big problems.

It is 2 pm here now, which makes it about 7 am in WI.

Even though the flight was long, it was a good oppurtunity to meet the other ppl on the trip. Although I didn't know anyone at the start, a lot of the ppl seem really fun, so I am excited.

It is about 60 degrees here, my kind of weather!

I should sign off, we're getting on a highway w/no speed limit, not the autobond though. Apparently this highway was built under the rule of Hitler. Interesting stuff!!

Signing off...m

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Megan said...

Yay...very glad you made it and the flight wasn't too bad. Here's a gossip update...Cariie Underwood totaly brought Tony Roma (the Cowboys quaterback)to the awards show last night...I knew they were shaggin:):) Have a great trip.