Sunday, May 20, 2007

soooo tired

So Füssen and the castle (which I won't even try to spell out) were great. It was so cool to be in the Alps and see the beautiful mountains. The castle tour was so interesting. I took so many pictures becuase it was so inspiring. The king who built it, who died before the completion, spent over 6Million duetch marks to build it. The bed alone took fourteen carvers four years to complete. Amazing.

I am actually typing this from a internet cafe. We ventured out, before what will be an early night, and since no one else is done yet, i thought it would be easier to blog on here. It would be, if the z and y weren't in each other's places. The @ sign took me a bit to find as well. Interesting.

Tonight we are taking it easy, kind of like i planned to last night. Right, that didn't work so well. Tomorrow is busy with a visit to MAN manufacturing and the Pilsner brewery as well as the transfer to Prague which I am hoping is just as amazing as Munich. I have had so much fun in this city. It has an energy that I can't get enough of. There is just so much life around you and everyone has been so nice and so friendly. Plus, the city is in such a great location. A four hour train ride (which, by the way, this trip reconfirmed my love for riding the train) and you can be in Verona, Switzerland, or Austria). It is about 7 hours to Paris. Not too shabby! I am also amazed at the amazing cleanliness. I have been in few other big cities that were so clean.

I think that is all I have to write for now. I am hoping everyone is done so I can go pack and go to sleep. It is 8:10 now and I plan on being sleeping by 9! It may take me longer than that to pack, but as soon as that last piece is in the suitcase, I am out! All this day tripping around Bavaria has got me awfully worn out.

good night!

signing off....m

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