Thursday, May 17, 2007

more beer!!

That title probably scares my mom, but we were in a group in the hotel bar. Since we have to get up early, everyone decided to just have a few drinks in the bar. Since Jenny and I had made friends last night with the bartender and waitress, we thought it was a good idea!

Right now it is 11:21 pm. I am almost ready to wind down, get some sleep!

We went to dinner with Guenther at a nice resturant that I can't remember the name of anymore...but it was good. The group is great and really cohesive. It is probably hard to believe that even though we have known each other such a short time, it feels like I have known these ppl for much longer. Hopefully it continues to go well. Traveling with fun ppl makes a good group makes a huge difference.

Tomorrow is intel. I am stoked for that. Then more viewing of Munich. Woohoo!

Signing off...m

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